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November 7, 2012


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The Rules of Mr. Dark's Mayhem

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 7, 2012, 1:24 PM
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Mayhem HQ: Entry: 03, Updated: Saturday, April 19, 2014; 11:13 hrs.



Rules for Mr. Dark’s Mayhem (Guests)

Effective as of 4/10/14; 17:05 hrs.



Mr. Dark's Mayhem:

Mr. Dark’s Mayhem-A: Preview site of my Crimson Lust art work. 

Mr. Dark’s Mayhem-B: Preview site of my Devious Fan Art.

Mr. Dark’s Mayhem-C: Preview site of my Devious Photos + Poetry.


    1.      This is a site where, you as guests, are not to discuss what goes on here or the specifics of these major projects with anyone outside of the alternative community. And you will certainly not do so without my express permission. You’re welcome to visit here just as long as you abide by these rules.

    2.      No one else is allowed to even visit this group without my say so.  

    3.      For all visitors, the age restrictions are: Non-Goths 23 and Goths 18 and above only, but rather mature behavior persons only. Please note that the age standard is subject to change-as in raising the standard – depending on who is trustworthy.

    4.      Immaturity will not be tolerated nor will they be allowed on my website or any of my affiliated webpages; that includes blogs and homepages.

    5.      Sexist remarks or rude comments toward women or to other fellow artists will not be tolerated.

    6.      No and absolutely… NO male chauvinists allowed here.

    7.      Middle-class/ working class people only on or visiting this site.

    8.      No immature people are allowed to visit any of my blog pages.

    9.      Social Darwinism will not be tolerated.

    10.   No college kids accept those who are honest, female friendly, and alternative friendly …which include respect for us Goths.

    11.   No Republicans aloud.

    12.   No frat boy pukes are allowed on this site or any of my affiliated site pages.

    13.   Respect all Goths, Emos, and Punk Rock types including vampires, Wiccans, zombies, lycans, lesbians, and bisexual girls.

    14.   Only sorority types who represent the alternative community are allowed to visit.

    15.   No neo-conservative jerks allowed.

    16.   No ghetto trash allowed.

    17.   Again, No frat boys pukes or campus jocks allowed.

    18.   No skanks allowed.

    19.   No religious extremists or theoists allowed.

    20.   No Corporate pukes allowed

    21.   No racists are ever allowed here.

    22.   No Rockefeller type rich scumbags are allowed here.

    23.   No gold diggers are ever allowed here.

    24.   No rednecks allowed.

    25.   No dishonesty of any sort is ever tolerated.

    26.   No hip hop, reggae, or country clowns allowed.

    27.   No South Jersey people or suburban types are allowed here, except for those who we are still     friends with.

    28.   Hackers and thieves (mostly those who are outside our group) will be dealt with swiftly and             harshly; it’s not gonna be a nice day for them.

    29.   Spies (again, those who are outside our group) will be dealt with swiftly and harshly.

    30.   Mainstream college kids who disrespect the alternative community are not allowed here.

    31.   No Elitist pricks allowed.

    32.   Again, this is an alternative community only site. So, all, you neoconservative, old   fashioned-minded, mainstream assholes the hell keep out.

    33.  As specified for my art, which has been submitted to, There is absolutely “NO” downloading, using my pictures for layouts, blogs, websites, other  Internet banners of any kind, design posters, CDs, or books without my permission.
So please respect the copyright policy.

    34.  And the 32nd and final rule:

Just be sure to abide by the rules posted on my pages to view my work.
All original artwork and literature in the account is the property of Mr. Dark and is not to be used without permission; understood? Nor is it for the general public. Enjoy your visit.


Again…this is an Emo-Goth and female-friendly….18+ only site.

MrDarksmayhem-A on DeviantART  :iconMrDarksMayhem:

Original characters by Jody Anthony “Mr. Dark” Thompson

Crimson Lust

(c) Copyright notice:

All of the work and content featured on my gallery are copyrighted and protected under copyright law (2014). All rights reserved.


These rules are very strict. There is absolutely “NO” downloading, usage of my artwork for layouts, blogs, websites, other internet banners of any kind, design posters, CDs, or books without my express, written permission. Sneakiness is “NOT” recommended. Do not use without my permission. So please respect and abide by the copyright policy.


So please respect and abide by the copyright policy.


One additional rule: No Neoconservative republicans or immature turds, no hip hop, or country clowns, no sexists, fraternity or sorority types are allowed to visit.


Back to main page:…


Thank you,


Jody Anthony “Mr. Dark” Thompson



Owner, founder, horror author, dark artist, and administrator of Mr. Dark’s Mayhem





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